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We've launched the Home Again Fundraising Campaign! We are fundraising for lights, equipment, sound, travel and accommodation!You can donate to the cause here

Feel free to share it with anyone you think would like it!

I'm producing and performing in a short film! 

Home Again is a darkly humorous film that follows Adam and Judith, two queer friends who reconnect on a road trip in the Californian desert after they both experience tragedy. 

Directed by Brendan Meyer, written by Calla Wright, and co-produced by Link To The Past Productions and Anam Caras Productions, Home Again has a thoroughly killer team.

You can follow the facebook page here, the IG here, and the twitter here!

I started my own production company! Vicarious Playground Productions will be producing their first film, Home Again, at the beginning of October! You can keep updated on VicariousNews and my updates by subscribing to Emily's Updates Newsletter in the about me section!

I just finished my Intermediate FDC Combat Certification with Rapier Wit, and I am so happy to have spent the last three weeks with such amazing, beautiful, supportive people. 

I have two exciting bookings coming up in summer and fall of 2019!  I can't wait to be able to share them with you!

April 2019, I had the enormous privilege of joining the cast and crew of BUNKER BURGER in New York for the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL! It was such an honour to be chosen as one of the 6 films in their Down To Earth Sci-Fi Short Film category. Some of my red carpet shots are in my Photos section.

On Monday, Feb 11th, you can catch me in CBC/Shaftesbury's Murdoch Mysteries: Season 12, Episode 15! 

At the end of September I had the opportunity to join the killer cast of  Bunker Burger, a short film starring Sara Mitich (Star Trek, Hero's Reborn, The Expanse), and Enrico Colantoni (Flash Point, Veronica Mars), directed by Adam Yorke, and produced by Matt Code (Mary Goes Round, Cardinals). 

I got new headshots! Check them out under the 'Headshots' tab!

5 Minutes You'll Never Get Back released our new music video How Do You Like It! Support it by liking and following our social media pages.

Finished writing, producing and shooting 5 Minutes You'll Never Get Back project 'How Do You Like It' at the end of the month. What a crazy time! I have an additional mile of respect for crew members of all fields after shooting two packed days and wearing multiple production hats. 

I had an incredible time shooting as the guest lead for an episode of Bizarre Murders. What a beautiful cast and crew. It was so much fun.

Finished posting the links to the Fage Commercials we shot in Chile! Find one of them here, or all of them in the 'projects' section.

Here is an interview I did with Cor Values' photographer Sabrina Youden! It covers my experiences on set, and my relationships with the cast and crew. See for yourself.

Home from a week in Chile in February, shooting a commercial. Getting sunshine in February is my JAM. Wishing for those days.

We finished filming for COR VALUES, and I'm excited to announce that VIRGINS NEVER DIE has started its festival circuit!

5 Minutes You'll Never Get Back also just finished filming its first sketch: 5 Steps To Forming A Band. Stay tuned for its release.

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You can download a PDF of my resume here!

I'm a working actor in Toronto, and across Canada. You can find out everything you need to know about me here on my website, including my most recent updates, projects, and trivia!

Check out my demo reel here, 

And other behind the scenes videos and more in the "projects" section.


Other Performance Interests

As well as being an actor, I am also an avid reader, dancer, fiddle player, and philanthropist. Someday maybe I'll diversify.

When I'm not keeping myself up to date with acting, film, and television, I do many other things like:  

Reading! I often have my head in a book. 

Favourites include: 

The Windup Girl

Gone Girl

Ender’s Game

Shade's Children

East Of Eden

The Book Thief

The Mortal Instruments Series

The Hunger Games Series

Dancing! It started as wildly leaping around to Riverdance in my living room,  and expanded from there into a full-blown love of improvised movement, and solo and partner dancing.  

I had the great pleasure of performing with Toy Guns Dance Theatre across Canada, and jump ( - literally - Not much has changed from my childhood...) at every opportunity to join in the Fusion partner-dance scene of whatever city I'm currently in.

Fiddle Playing! While being a film actor/actress is my main passion, I've had great fun playing fiddle all over North America and Europe as I usually bring it with me when I travel. I've also been a guest artist on tracks and music videos for several artists, including Tyler McKinnon, and Chimera.

You can learn more about me here!

I am an avid supporter and advocate for equal rights and being a decent human being.

I'm involved with both Because I Am A Girl and Plan International, and donate to MSF/Doctor's Without Borders, and World Vision. You should check them out!

You can talk to me at any time about gender equality, the importance of women’s, femmes', and female-identifying humans’ presence in the Entertainment Industry, and the necessity of self-care and mental health.

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